Depilatory Wax Drops Aloe 100gr

Depilatory Wax Drops Aloe Hair removal wax suitable for sensitive areas and dry skin..


Depilia Wax Chlorophyll Disks 400ML

Depilia Wax Chlorophyll Disks 400ML..


Honey Depilatory Wax 800ml

Honey Depilatory Wax 800ml• Ideal for all skin types.• The candle is of superior quality, professional, made with all the international quality standards that make it a top product for waxing..


Wax Silicone Pot No-Sticky

This wax epilator container is made of flexible silicone that can withstand the high temperature of the wax. The main advantage of the silicone pot is that as soon as the wax cools, it can be removed without sticking to the pot. That way, you can use all of the wax again without losses, without soil..


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