Dry Drop 15ml

Formula in liquid, which dries polish.Dry Drop forms a slippery layer on polish surface, which protects the polish from injuries before drying. Apply one drop on whole nail...


The Garden of Colour Top Coat 7days 15ml

7 Days Top Coat The Garden of Colour is an innovative formula through which your manicure will receive an ideal and lasting finish.  The preparation forms hard and smooth coat on a painted nail, which visibly prolongs durability and shine of painted nails. It preserves gloss and colour while protect..


Top Coat Matt 15ml

A professional, colourless top coat - matte. It provides a matte finish of nail polishes. It applies very easily on a nail. In addition, after an application of the Top Coat Matt colourful layer of nail polish is properly cured, which prolongs its durability on the nails. It can be used with every t..


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