Calcium Gel 15ml

Professional formula nourishing natural, problematic nails.Regular use strengthens nails by restoring the natural structure of calcium.Penetrating into the deeper layers strengthens and tones the natural nail to prevent cracks and fractures. As treatment applied 7 days a week, the layer to layer. Re..


Complete Repair 15ml

A regenerative  conditioner for strengthening nails: damaged, brittle, weak, matte and splitting. The complex of nourishing ingredients makes nails healthy, smooth and resistant to damage. Argan oil, sunflower oil, sea minerals, extract from ascophyllum nodosum, ginkgo biloba extract, olive lea..


Cuticle Butter Soft Touch

Hands care should not be limited purely and simply to taking care of condition of nails. Dry and rough skin looks unaesthetic causing a lot of problems.The Cuticle Butter - Soft Touch is a delicate touch of moisture so that your hands will get healthy and beautiful appearance. The product prevents f..


Cuticle Remover 15ml

Liquid for culticle removal. Effectively softens the skin around the nail which allows them to be gently removed. Contained in the formula plant oils nourish the skin and the natural nail plate...


Gel HELP TO... Myco Expert 15ml

New line and a new product!HELP TO… Nail Myco Expert is a product in a form of light gel intended for nails and toenails. It strongly moisturizes and sooths inflammatory conditions, regenerates damaged nail plate as well as contains ingredients which reduce factors that lead to the development of my..


Nail Butter Pink Shine

Do you dream of  hard and shining like a diamond nails? With the new Silcare® Nail Manicure Butter Pink Shine, you will get a beautiful and healthy appearance of a nail plate. Your hands will become your showcase!The butter formula characterize with a unique composition of the complex of vitami..


Nail Hardener 15ml

Conditioner and vitamin hardner for natural nails.Active components and witamins penetrates into nail plate, moisturizing and nourishing. Regular use provides improvement condition of the nail plate. Intended for dry, halve and fragile nails...


Nappa Foot Liquid with Neem oil 55 ml

Recipe for beautiful feet? Regular scrubs, moisturizing, thorough pedicure and use of antibacterial and refreshing preparations!Our feet are often subjected to contact with fungi and bacteria, thus their hygiene is very important. Nappa Foot Liquid with neem oil thanks to its composition hampers gro..


Real Bodyguard - cuticle protection 15ml

Reliable, effective, trustworthy – these are the traits of a true bodyguard. Our Real Bodyguard knows defense techniques, thanks to which you’ll be always able to feel secured and have a good night sleep! This product protects the cuticles during nail polish, gel and hybrid stylizations. You only ha..


Vitamin bomb 15ml

A conditioner for natural nails. The vitamin cocktail with strong nourishing effect. As a result  of the high content of vitamins A, E and B5, nails are naturally moisturized and strengthened  after the “Vitamin Bomb” product treatment.Additionally, the product also elasticizes nails,..


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