Nappa Foot Liquid with Neem oil 55 ml

Recipe for beautiful feet? Regular scrubs, moisturizing, thorough pedicure and use of antibacterial and refreshing preparations!Our feet are often subjected to contact with fungi and bacteria, thus their hygiene is very important. Nappa Foot Liquid with neem oil thanks to its composition hampers gro..


Pedicure Silppers 24pcs

Pedicure Silppers 24pcs..


Plastic rasp

Plastic rasp for pedicure...


Toe Separators for pedicure 100pcs

Toe Separators for pedicure 100pcs..


Wooden rasp

The leg rasp removes the hardening of the skin and smooths the cracked skin on the legs, but also on the elbows or knees or palms.Durable, two-sided construction: rugged and smooth. It can be used dry but also with water. Easy cleaning and disinfection...

3.50€ 3.50€

Wooden rasp

Wooden rasp for penticure...


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