Dry sterility oven NV210

Professional sterilizer furnace for sterilizing metal objects at high temperature. Great space saving, very good thermal insulation. Temperature setting and time adjustment.CHARACTERISTICS:Professional sterilization oven. Sterilizates all metal objects at temperatures from 170-220 οC adjusting the c..

110.00€ 79.00€

Sterilizer with crystals

PROFESSIONAL CRYSTAL DISPENSERSterilizer with crystals for small objects .Reaches up to 200-250 degrees Celsius and sterilized properly, all metal gears, and what to withstand this heat. It is ideal for transportation and sterilizing on-site, since it is small in size and can quickly sterilize all y..

29.90€ 29.90€

Ultrasonic sterilizer

Ultrasonic cleaning device. Exclusively designed for the cleaning process in metal objects & accessories, jewelry, watches,SPECIAL FOR ROTARY TOOLS TOOLS! - Ultra SonicSterilization time: 5 '..


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