Double wax heater

The wax is one of the most effective and safe methods of hair removal. The effects last for almost 25 days. While, with frequent use the hair in time weaken and thin...


Pro Wax 100 Warmer

Pro Wax 100 WarmerCHARATIRISTICPro Wax 100 Warmer (Fits all 14oz Wax Can) 110VOn/Off Switch which can be adjusted to Medium to High.Include Extra aluminum container and a metal stick to take out the can.It has a see through cover lid.Dimension: 7" Diameter X 4" Height..

12.90€ 45.00€

Professional Roll-on Wax Heating Device 40 Watt ALX Cosmetics

Professional roll-on wax device by ALX Cosmetics. Ideal for hair removal in all areas, such as legs, arms and the rest of the body.Works with all roll-on wax consumables on the market, and power with electricity. For sensitive areas such as bikini and armpits, you can use a fine roller with small ca..


Wax Warmer 500ml

Wax  Warmer 500ml 120 Watt..

29.90€ 45.00€

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